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Why YapApp’s BPO services is considered one of the best in the business is because of its in-depth knowledge and experience of its clients’ business and industry and YapApp’s documented functional and industry experience. At YapApp, we do things differently and with passion. We have a strong belief that BPO is not exclusively for outsourcing but its a continous process for business growth by acquiring new customers and retaining of old ones.
YapApp provides you with huge spectrum of services such as getting new leads, managing data effortlessly and ofcourse troubleshooting issues related to technical aspects and administration.


What we can do for you:

  • Our approach is to see your company beyond just the project which you have given us.
  • If your company is going through any complicated change, you can expect full support from us.
  • Will be producing and providing you quantifiable results and outcomes (increased sales or financial performance etc).
  • We work by gathering key data and analytics of what we have done and why.
  • We provide BPO services to Call Center and Healthcare industries.
  • Customer support services for inbound and outbound are 24/7 which can answer customer queries through phone, chat or email.
  • We also provide technical support services which includes installation, product support, running product.
  • Online research related to market, product, surveys and web research etc.
  • Data conversion for Word processors, spr eadsheets and databases and of Raw data into PDF, Acrobat and Word formats.
  • Maintainence of customer’s general accounts, ledger’s and financial statements etc.
  • Data entry from documents, books, paper, yellow pages websites etc.