Dona App

Dona is an online donation platform dedicated to bringing a positive change in society. It’s a platform to bring together those who want to donate money but do not have resources and NGOs that are committed to working in the social sector. Dona enlists NGOs operating in India and provide them a platform where donors can reach them.

Dona – Just Three Steps Towards Donation!

Easy and secure donation raising platform

About Dona

Dona is specially designed for volunteers who want to make donation to charity but do not have sufficient resources. Dona gives a platform to such volunteers for creating an event through which they can raise donations for the chosen NGO. The volunteers can choose and associate the NGO with their event so whatever money is collected through these events directly goes in the NGOs event.

How does Dona work

Dona enlists NGOs to help volunteers find NGOs and information about these NGOs. It provides an easy and secure platform for these volunteers to raise donations for their favorite NGO.

It works in three easy steps –

Create an event - The volunteers can create a large, mid-sized or small event, such as a seminar, concert, marathon.

Share it - Dona spreads the word about the events through social media, emails and word of mouth. Dona motivates the volunteers to do the same as the more we share, the better it is!

Donate – As the people pay online for the event, the money directly goes into the selected NGO’s account. Dona doesn’t raise funds for ourselves. We help you to create an event, raise funds and donate to the NGOs. Dona is managed by a team of professionals who have earlier worked with various corporates and now have dedicated their careers to making a difference.