Quality Assurance

Paranoid about quality? Guess what...? We feel the same. Go for a customized solution with YapApp for all your QA needs.

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Quality Assurance Title

YapApp makes sure through extensive systematic processes that the product or service being developed is as per the requirements originally decided upon its inception.

Why YapApp:

Assessments and Consulting

Our team will assist you in enhancing your QA practice including assessment of the tools you are using and your testing environments.

Test Program Management

Our team will help you in establishing policies and procedures to effectively maintain QA over complicated, numerous projects. Here’s the long and short of it:

  • QA Plan development.
  • Risk Assessments.
  • Gap Analysis.
  • Automation feasibility studies.
  • Tool evaluations.

Various types of testing your project will go through

Functional and UI testing

In this testing phase, our QA engineers make sure that the product is functioning and performing all those tasks it was built for and is working as per the client requirements and expectations.

Migration Testing

This testing is done for all your projects for whom pre-dated content needs to be trasnferred to a new data store. The purpose of this testing is to keep a check on the data transfer and all the migrated documents are in their place with its metadata and architecture.

Stress or performance testing

This is to check how much load the application can take and to gauge its response time or whether it crashes under live or above- live load. Application performance and system parameters are kept under close scrutiny during this testing.

Defects verification

In the finalizing phases, our QA team will apply regression testing and many levels of defect-fix verification. All defects are properly recorded, archived, tested and verified.

User Documentation Testing

The YapApp Software QA team can perform user documentation testing as well making sure all of the modules are correctly described in the user guides and instructions are in due order.